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TF Consulting Computer Services © 2009
Residential / Commercial


It is being universally described as “catastrophic” and “the biggest security threat the internet has ever seen”… it is called Heartbleed.

Watch the video above to get a basic understanding as to what HEARTBLEED does and why it is so dangerous. After the short video, check out this website to check the status of any website you might use on a regular basis and see if that site is still vulnerable to this attack or if their site Administrators have already fixed the security vulnerability that is HEARTBLEED. If they haven't, then changing your password for that site is useless until their Site Admins fix the problem on their end.


If you haven't already heard...as of April 8, 2014 Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP and stop creating security updates and patches for it as well. This means if another security bug is found  after April 8, 2014, (which by the way, is a guaranteed certainty), that bug cannot be patched anymore, and your computer that still runs Windows XP will be very easy for the bad guys to get in to. What does this mean for you? It means anyone who is running Windows XP on their computer that has a live internet connection is literally a sitting duck just waiting to be picked off by the bad guys who use these bugs in the Windows XP operating system to exploit your computer, steal your data, and pretty much do anything they want with your XP machine!

The "ONLY" Windows XP computers that will be guaranteed to be safe from harm will be machines that are not connected to the internet. Or...machines that have had the appropriate measures taken to protect the personal data on them. This involves a long list of preventative measures and changes to your XP machine. There are several steps you can take to protect your Windows XP computer but you really should consider backing up all your data and buying a replacment computer to put that data on at this point. Something that can at least run Windows 7. You didn't think you were going to be able to use Windows XP forever did you? How many people do you know who are still using Windows 95 these days? Not likely very many...if any at all. There are reasons for this. As newer software is created it requires faster hardware to be able to run it. For your information, I can provide you with a relatively low cost dual core processor computer with 4 gigs of Ram and Windows 7 for a small fraction of what you would spend on a brand new system from a big box store. I would also transfer your existing data from your old Windows XP computer to the replacement computer for a low rate as well.

Please contact me to find out more!

Tristan Flett

TF Consulting Computer Services announces a proud Partnership with Shaw Business Solutions. What does this mean for your business?

Telecom and IT data and communication needs are changing all the time.  TF Consulting Computer Services found SHAW to be a partner who can simplify your IT requirements and can add value. With a Shaw Business relationship, TF Consulting Computer Services is able to offer its customers more comprehensive but affordable solutions and help provide you with the resources and support your business requires. Does your business need one or multiple phone lines, high-speed Internet or television? SHAW can provide you with customized products at an affordable rate, uniquely tailored to small and mid-sized businesses. Shaw provides cost-effective Business Internet, Business Phone, Web Hosting and Business TV solutions.

Shaw Business for Small and Medium Business - Read more here.

If you have questions about the Shaw Business partnership, or would like to learn more about how TF Consulting Computer Services  can help your business streamline your IT needs, please call me at  204-218-9955 or email help@tristanflett.com




TF Consulting Computer Services specializes in home user and small-medium business IT Consulting, Tech Support, and Computer repairs. Servicing all of Manitoba and anywhere in Canada! Built on 31 years experience in IT/ Computers, 13 years professionally, and has served the community since 2009.

Professional Residential and Commercial on-site or remote assistance available. TF Consulting Computer Services can service all your IT related needs, whether big or small. After hours support may also be available. You will receive professional quality work with a guarantee of great service every time work is done for you or your company. TF Consulting Computer Services' clients get the best value for their dollar with their problems resolved correctly the FIRST TIME!

Please note:
TF Consulting Computer Services is not affiliated with, endorsing,  or representing below organizations, companies, or industries, nor am I suggesting that my company is by them either. TF Consulting Computer Services is a privately owned company and separate entity.

I have done work for:

    * HOSPITALS - (Regional Health Authorities)
    * Very satisfied business and home users who are repeat customers.

HOME user (flat rate repairs) and BUSINESS user (hourly rates) support.
GUARANTEED cheapest rates for the quality and amount of work done for every job with 100% satisfaction!
Click here for some testimonials from my clients.

  • REASONABLE RATES - (Usually less than half the price of big box stores and bigger Tech Support Companies!)
  • FLEXIBLE FLAT RATES for home users and LOW HOURLY RATES for businesses.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! "As a client of TF Consulting Computer Services, I will do whatever is legitimately required for you to be satisfied with my services and have trust in my company, myself, my products/services, and this industry. "

I am an experienced Professional with a proven successful track record and I am in business to provide home users and small to medium sized businesses with fast, friendly, and professional mobile on-site tech support at an affordable rate. You basically have your own IT Specialist or Computer Repair Technician at your finger tips who can explain things in plain English and help you get what you need done as fast as possible. Need IT Consulting at an affordable price? Want to design, upgrade, or setup an office but have no idea where to start? I can assist you any time. If you are having problems with your computers, then I can also save you having to un-plug all of your computer equipment and hauling your system to a computer store then waiting weeks for it to be repaired. I  will arrive at your location at a pre-determined appointment time to diagnose and repair your system on-site or in my shop and can also provide IT consultation advice.

No matter how small your problem or what your question is, I would like to be the person to help you find a solution! Feel free to call me anytime on my personal cell at (204) 218-9955. (Local call within Winnipeg).  Please leave a message if I am not available.

If you would prefer to email me, I can be reached at

Please note that I can not provide advice or solutions by email. Most issues are more complicated than you think and I can provide better quality service by speaking with you or visiting your site. Please call
(between Mon-Fri, 9:00AM-5:00PM), but if I am not available, please leave a voicemail or email me at help@tristanflett.com and I will call you back asap!

Refer to the "
PRICING / HOURLY RATES" page for more info.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Please call for an appointment!

Tristan Flett
TF Consulting Computer Services
“Fixing one PC at a time!”
Unit A - 71 Burnett Ave.
Wpg, MB  R2G 1C2

 (204) 218-9955
(Visits are by appointment only. Sorry, no walk-ins.)

Email: help@tristanflett.com
Website: www.tristanflett.com

HOURS OF OPERATION: Please call to book an appointment.
204) 218-9955

Regular working hours: 
Monday - Friday,   (9:00AM - 5:00PM)

Premium hourly rate hours:
  • Monday - Friday,   After hours evenings, (5:00PM - 12 Midnight)
  • Saturday - Sunday, (9:00AM - 5:00PM)
  • Saturday - Sunday, After hours evenings, (5:00PM - 12 Midnight)
Methods of payment accepted:

Remote Assistance over the phone Tech Support starts at just
$25.00 per call!

(GST/PST Taxes are applicable).

To better serve my clients, TF Consulting Computer Services has moved to a larger office. Moving and setup is still in the works! Visits are by appointment only as I am often not in the office. Please call ahead.



TF Consulting Computer Services does not accept unsolicited calls from anyone asking me or my company to purchase, lease, or rent products or services, including asking me to purchase advertising space, as per the CRTC's Unsolicited Telecommunications Rule (e.g. National DNCL Rules, Telemarketing Rules, or Automated Dialing-Announcing Device Rules). Offending companies are reported to the CRTC.(Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission). The CRTC will investigate complaints and can penalize telemarketers found to be in violation of any of the CRTC's Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. The CRTC can levy penalties of up to $1,500 for an individual and up to $15,000 for a corporation, for each violation.  Detailed info here

TF Consulting Computer Services © 2009 is the legal registered Manitoba business name and is the copyright protected property of Mr. Tristan Flett, Owner/Operator of TF Consulting Computer Services. The domain of www.tristanflett.com is also the copyright protected legal property of Mr. Tristan Flett, Owner/Operator of TF Consulting Computer Services. These rights reserved also include but are not limited to: the company's website design, theme or styling, any and all logo(s) or images related to this company, any and all advertisements, flyers, portrayal or representation of this company "TF Consulting Computer Services", and any identifying company material. Any use of this material, copying, or altering is strictly forbidden and will be liable for any monetary, misrepresentation, or legal damages.

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